Kiruna Husky and Snowmobile Overnight Tour

Enjoy a action packed combination of driving a snowmobile, a dogsled and staying overnight in a cabin on the Kiruna Husky and Snowmobile Overnight Tour.

  • Kiruna Husky Daytour - Be a musher
    Drive a husky team by day

Duration: 29h, pick up 9.00AM
 from 3700 SEK/ person

Day 1 – Snowmobile Tour

Start the day with an action packed snowmobile tour with an experienced guide who likes to show you his snowy playground. This tour is designed for beginner snowmobile riders. Learn to ride on the highly scenic trails along the Kalix river. Enjoy lunch by the campfire to warm up and get ready for the next ride. Two people share one snowmobile and take turns. In the afternoon we will be back on our sleddog kennel. Here you can meet the huskies and your guide.

We equip you with warm winter clothes and show you your cabin for the night. It has an wood heated stove and electricity. Take headlights and snowshoes to discover the beautiful surrounding nature by night.  A campfire is ready where you can spend the evening  hopefully under the Aurora borealis – the northern light.

Day 2 – Husky Daytour

The next morning starts early with a breakfast before we prepare the dogs together. If you like, join us before breakfast to feed the dogs. Your group and one guide will take the dogs out for a Kiruna Husky Daytour – Be a musher. Two people share a sled, one as driver and one as passenger. Taking turns during the tour gives you the chance to feel like a real musher and also to take pictures when sitting on the dogsled as a passenger. If you don’t want to drive, feel free to take a seat on a guide sled.

We give you detailed instructions of how to be in control of the dog sled and the husky team. The guide will be nearby during the tour on the leading dogsled and is ready to help you out if necessary. After the start you soon feel comfortable on the sled as you “mush” over frozen lakes, through forests and across snow covered wide swamp areas. During the husky tour we make a stop to prepare lunch by the campfire. Enjoy a beautiful day with huskies in Swedish Lapland.

Note: For the snowmobile tour please remember to bring a valid car or motorbike driving licence (only if you want to drive).

Details – Kiruna Husky and Snowmobile Overnight Tour


December – April,

daily 9.00AM – 2.00PM the next morning


29h incl. transfer

pick up 9.00AM


min. 2 people 3900 SEK/ person

min. 4 people 3700 SEK/ person


min. 2

Guidance language

english, swedish, german

Equipment included

winter overalls, boots, mittens, hats, head lights, snowshoes

Equipment recommended

warm underwear, face masks, warm clothes – always good to have when visiting Kiruna and Swedish Lapland


guests and guide prepare lunch (2x), dinner, breakfast together; ingredients are included in the tour price


the transfer by car from your hotel in Kiruna to the snowmobile tour, to the husky tour and back to Kiruna


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