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Where Adventure awaits you.

Kiruna Husky takes you silently through Swedish nature by dogsled or on snowshoes with experienced arctic nature guides. Allow us to teach you how to build an igloo and catch fish deep under the ice. Learn of the history of the area, show animal tracks in the snow in addition to the vibrant local wildlife.

  • Kiruna Husky Daytour - Be a musher
    Drive a husky team by day
Explore Kiruna and the surrounding nature in winter at its best.

Let us show you the remote and untouched natural area of the the Kalix river with its forests and frozen lakes and marsh land. If you want more; we offer on longer tours to the mountains along the famous Kungsleden in the national park.

We provide guided wilderness tours in a family atmosphere.

We use dog sledding or snowshoe hiking for sustainable and silent transportation. Meanwhile Ice fishing and Igloo building are perfect ways to bring you even closer to nature. Besides, its a great way to learn about how people can survive above the arctic circle. Spend a little more time with us on the overnight tours or contact us via mail if you are interested in a 5 day-mountain tour.

Let us to show you our world!

Our experienced guides will show you how to drive a sled with huskies. Take your family and friends on a great winter adventure. We pick you up daily from your hotel in Kiruna. Our home base is located only 15km outside Kiruna town by the beautiful Kalix river. On days with a clear view we can see the nearby mountains around the Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain.

Do you feel like exploring more than just a day with Kiruna husky?

While we love to build igloos, run our dogs with sleds, and ice fishing,  we would love to take you out at night to see the Aurora Borialis. Furthermore, we provide winter equipment and extreme temperature sleeping bags for a good night’s sleep. In addition to that, you can combine the adventure with a romantic three course dinner for two with masterfully combined local ingredients; for instance, moose or arctic char. In conclusion, with so many options, we surely have just the right tour for you!

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