Kiruna Husky

No snow? You can still try dog mushing!

Autumn Sled tour

Once the weather is cool enough, we start training the dogs ready for winter. We can’t take the sleds out until the river has frozen over. So while there may not be much or any snow, you can still experience the thrill and athleticism of these sled dogs with our Autumn Sled Tour.

Pre season training

Using specially built carts on wheels we can train our athletes before snow comes to get them fit and ready. So if you’re in Kiruna early in the season, no reason not to try out dog sledding! We do these training runs every other day up to every day from early October until mid-late November.

We can't wait to start training!
We like to cool off in the river sometimes

Great fun without the cold

Come and  hang out with our 40 plus sled dogs and learn how to handle and harness them as well as how they are trained.  Then we will take the troll carts out into the forest for an exhilarating ride!

Take a break by the fire

Stopping to find a good place to make a fire gives the dogs a good chance to rest and have a drink, but for the humans we provide hot coffee and sandwiches we will make by the fire before returning to home base on the carts to finish your autumn sled tour with us. 

The sandwiches always smell so good.

October - november

10:00 am Every other day

Nature Sled tour includes sandwiches and fika

4hr duration

1400 per person

1250 per student

With valid Student ID card

700 per child

aged 0-12 years

We can have fun in any weather!