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Fun of Kiruna Husky Igloo Tour

Kiruna Husky Igloo Tour challenge!

Kiruna Husky Igloo Tour
We were extremely happy to have a group of seven amazing guests. Together we were building the biggest igloo in our Kiruna Husky Camp during Kiruna Husky Igloo Tour. The igloo we made is so big that five people can comfortable sleep inside! Our efforts have been paid off and we spent wonderful evening. While eating and chatting near camp fire surrounded by wilderness and cozy igloos we got to know each other. 
Every day we spent together was full of adventures and new experiences: cooking our food on fire, exploring nature while snow shoe hiking, trying to catch the success while ice fishing. It was a great time that we had! Thank you all for beautiful pictures and memories!
Kiruna Husky Igloo Tour

Pike Icefishing – Catch of the Year at Kiruna Husky

Icefishing Big Kiruna PikeIcefishing Big Kiruna Pike at Kiruna Husky Camp!

 We would  like to share our  success on the snowshoe hike and ice fishing tour. This tour we had on 23rd of January,  2017 with our dear guests Ida and John Kohler. All together we have spent a great day. While driving with dog sleds, snow shoe hiking in forest and swamp and  Icefishing Big Kiruna Pike at our Kiruna Husky Camp, we got plenty of new experience. Furthermore we crowned a day with a great catch – 98 cm pike! Countless amount of adrenaline and emotions while pulling the fish from under the ice, lots of joy and pictures with a huge pike on the ice in darkness. We won the battle! Many thanks for Ida and John for quick reaction and beautiful pictures. 

Big Kiruna Pike Icefishing season just started in Kiruna

A few days before this tour in the same lake near our Kiruna Husky Camp we got huge 1 meter pike! Currently it is the record of this ice fishing season in this lake. Therefore we are looking forward to catch a new record size fishes with our guests! Would you like to accept this challenge? Our experienced guide will show you different ice fishing techniques. You will use only professional fishing gear. Hot drinks on the ice, good mood - so lets have a new experience and create unforgettable memories together!
Icefishing Big Kiruna Pike
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