• What information do I need to write in the email for the booking request?

Please write the dates, when you want to come, the tours you are interested in booking and the hotel or place in Kiruna where you want to be picked up. Also a phone number what we could reach you in Kiruna would be very helpful.

  • Will you pick us up from Kiruna? 

All our transfers will be from Kiruna. Just let us know in the booking inquiry where in Kiruna you want to be picked up.

  • Is it hard to drive a dogsled?

It is not very hard because we give you detailed instructions about how to control the sled. You will always be minimum 2 people on the dog sled, one driver and one passenger. This means you can also help each other out. However if you are very afraid of dogs or if you do not like dogs a sled dog tour is not ideal for you. Our dogs are curious of people and like to get in touch with you.

  • Can I take pictures on the husky tour?

You can take pictures when you are a passenger. You take turns with the driver of the dog sled so that everybody gets the chance to take pictures. When we stop for the break by the lavvu (tipi) you may take pictures with the huskies while getting to know them better.

  • What clothing shall I wear on the tours?

We provide winter overalls, winter shoes, mittens, trapper hats. We recommend to bring warm clothing including woolen underwear for underneath the overall.

  • Can I wear glasses on the husky tours?


  • Do I need goggles on the husky tours?

If it is very windy and if you have them, you can take. Otherwise it is not very necessary to have them.

Husky tours, snowshoe hikes and igloo building in Kiruna