Icefishing in Kiruna – Lake Hopping Tour

Icefishing in Kiruna

This tour is all about icefishing in Kiruna. We take the snowmobile with a sled and bring you to our favorite icefishing spots. We show you different icefishing techniques and try to catch perch, big pike, white fish and trout. Naturally the lunch by the campfire will make sure that we have energy for the icefishing. Icefishing in Kiruna can be hard work since we need to drill several holes in the thick ice. For lunch we prepare a traditional meal with reindeer. Let us know if you prefer a vegetarian alternative.

Additional information

We pick you up in Kiruna town from your hotel at 09:00 and drive to our village about 15km south of Kiruna. Here we provide winter clothing including winter overalls, boots, mittens and winter hats. After the “dress up” we start driving out with the snowmobile and sled. We will bring one camera and take pictures which we can send to you. At about 14:00 we will be back in Kiruna.

In Swedish Lapland and Kiruna community we have many lakes and rivers. Our fishing area is south of the Kalix River.

The Kalix river

The Kalix river is one of the four major rivers of Norrland, northern Sweden, that are untouched by water power constructions. It is 461 kilometres long, flowing up to the Kebnekaise mountain range in Kiruna Municipality. In the southeast it flows through Lappland; and to the south through Norrbotten County, discharging in the Gulf of Bothnia south-east of Kalix.

Icefishing is very popular in Kiruna community and all over Swedish Lapland. Thousands of locals go out every year with their families to sit on the lakes and rivers for icefishing. While the traditional icefishing season is in spring time when the days in Kiruna are longer and temperatures milder we will not stop and go icefishing even in the middle of the winter above the polar circle.

Price: 1400SEK/Person

Group Booking Price for 4 or more Guests: 1200SEK/Person

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