Kiruna Husky

Come with us and see the northern lights!

Northern Lights Husky Ride

Experience the thrill of driving your own sled through the snow by starlight. Far away from the city you get a great possibility of seeing the northern lights. An incredible, exciting night time adventure, great for photos too! Kiruna is a great place to see the Northern Lights. We will take you out at night on the dog sleds to watch the light show with the best views.

Sled dog tour at night

On this evening sled tour, we will pick you up from your hotel or meeting point within Kiruna town local area, we will drive the approx 30 minutes by car to our homebase in Kalixfors. Once onsite, you will meet our dogs, be dressed in warm outer clothing, shoes and be provided a head torch.

We love to run at night too!
Run with us by starlight and headlamps

Drive your own sled

 We will instruct you on how to control the sled safely and we will whisk away into the night powered by our athletic and enthusiastic dogs. This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the night sky and an exciting ride through the arctic wilderness. Usually we run teams of two humans and 5 or 6 dogs, you will spend half of the time driving and being a passenger on the sled.

Warm up with fire and fika

We will usually spend approximately one hour out on the sleds. As the passenger you have loads of time to take pictures of your adventure on the sled, and you get to spend time getting to know our friendly dogs before and after. Then if you like, you can join us in the laavu to warm up and have Swedish fika, aka coffee or tea and biscuits before finishing your arctic adventure with us as we take you back to your pickup point.

Far away from the city you can see the night's sky best

check forecasts

Even though we can’t guarantee northern lights, you will still have a great time dog sledding at night. Furthermore if seeing the lights is vital to you, we recommend checking a few key elements. Most important is probably the weather. Kiruna experiences the right conditions in terms of the magnetic field most nights. This graph shows the current activity of the magnetic fields in the northern hemisphere.

Check KP index

Another way to check if you might see aurora is with KP forecast, if there is a KP index of 3 or above, it is very likely to show. In addition to that, you also need clear skies as well as consider if there is a full moon, as the moon can impact your ability to see the lights.


December - March

6:30PM Everyday

Includes transfer to and from homebase, Nature Sled tour and Fika

1695 per person

1500 per student

With valid Student ID card

800 per child

aged 0-12 years

Great opportunity for amazing photos!