Kiruna Husky

Learn how to build an igloo!

Overnight Igloo Tour

Did you ever wonder about how to build an igloo? Have you ever wondered if igloos are really as warm as people say? Maybe it’s time to find out! Come and stay with us in Kalixfors, build your very own igloo to sleep in for the night. And yes, they are surprisingly warm but we will give you extra cosy sleeping bags anyway.

How to build igloo

Your time with Kiruna Husky will start at 14.15pm when we will pick you up from your location anywhere within the Kiruna town local area. Once transported to our site in Kalixfors you’ll be kitted out with warm clothing and shoes, and time to get to work! We show you how to build your igloo or igloo mansion if you’re ambitious! Best to start small though.

Running is our favourite thing to do
High chance of stunning sky views

all inclusive

 Dinner is included in the package, and at time of writing dinner is usually Gräddig suovaspanna which is a traditional creamy reindeer stew using local Suovas. It’s quite delicious! (This may change depending on what is available seasonally.) We have various hot drinks and snacks around as well. With body heat, Igloos can get surprisingly cosy and warm!

Arctic adventire camping

Out here in Kalixfors, if the skies are clear and the Solar winds are high, there is a good chance you can see the northern lights too. Heated Bathrooms and hot showers are available onsite. Then you can snuggle in arctic sleeping bags for a surprisingly cosy winter adventure. In the morning you can hang out a little with our 40 dogs, before we take you back to your hotel or pickup point with amazing memories, and of course, photos.

Experience arctic camping safely on our Husky farm

December - March

14:15 pm Everyday

Includes transfer to and from homebase, igloo building experience, Dinner & Breakfast

20hr duration

2700 per person

2550 per student

With valid Student ID card

1350 per child

aged 0-12 years

Build your own Igloo and enjoy a night in a shelter made by your own hand on the Kiruna Husky Igloo Tour!

Personal note from our Designer: When I was a tiny human child growing up in England, we would never get much snow, maybe 3 or 4cm every few years. Yet I had this dream. That one year, maybe this year, we would get enough snow so that I could fall out of my bedroom window into a big pile of snow and burrow all the way to school. At 28 years old, the first time I visited Kiruna, I finally saw enough snow. I actually jumped out of a window into a huge pile of snow, twice. I’ve been in love with winter here ever since. If you’re anything like me, this tour, this adventure, might be a childhood fantasy made reality for you too.