kiruna husky weekend tour

Kiruna Husky Weekend Tour

Make friends with your own fully trained sleddog team of three to four huskies and mush along stunning Swedish Lapland trails around Kiruna on three days. Stay out in a wilderness camp for two nights without electricity and close to your team of canine athletes. We chop firewood for the sauna, fetch water from the frozen lake, feed our dogs and drink strong coffee (or tea:) before we get back on the trail. On the Kiruna Husky weekend tour you stay in cozy cabins by a lake site surrounded by the stunning nature of Swedish Lapland.

As our guest you steer your own sled pulled by 3-4 dogs.

PRICE: 7750SEK/Person

On the Kiruna Husky weekend tour we stay at a wilderness camp and Full board is included. The Kiruna Husky weekend tour also includes change of clothes and a shuttle from/to Kiruna C.

Kiruna Husky weekend tour – additional information

Friday morning and ends Sunday at 9:30 or

Monday morning and ends on Wednesday at 9:30.

There is a possibility of an extended Kiruna Husky weekend tour . Contact us for more information and price.

· Minimum 2 guests/tour. Are you single guest / traveler, contact us, it may be possible that you can follow with another booked group.

· Max 6 guests/tour.

If you arrive one day earlier we offer one night in a cabin on the husky farm for 800SEK/person including dinner and breakfast.

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