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  • Kiruna Husky Daytour - Be a musher
    Drive a husky team by day

We have a variety of daily tours for you, your friends and family. Most of our tours offer the opportunity to drive a dog sled with two people sharing one sled. However if you prefer sitting on the dog sled of the guide/ musher as a passenger this is also possible.

Daily Husky Tours

Our dog sled tours start daily with the pick up from your hotel/hostel in Kiruna at 9.00AM, 2.15PM or 6.30PM. After about a 25 minutes drive towards Nikkaluokta and Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, we reach our husky kennel by the Kalix River. Here we provide you with warm winter clothing before we start our dog sledding tour. The guide gives you detailed instructions about the dog sled and the huskies before we attach our sled dogs to the line sections in front of the sled. With the dogs and all drivers in position the guide loosens the knot that secures the dog sled.

”YA” short command from the back of the dog sled assures the huskies that it’s time to run. At a good pace we leave the husky kennel behind and make for a unforgetable day on the dog sled in the snowy wilderness along the Kalix River. We follow the trail through forests, across small lakes and open areas, enjoying the breathtaking view over the landscape of Swedish Lapland, covered in snow.

We stop at a camp site by the trail and have coffee or hot chocolate. Try reindeer meat and other local specialities by a warming campfire, sitting on cosy reindeer skins. Our guides will share their knowledge about our sled dogs and the culture in Swedish Lapland and Kiruna. We show you simple ways of making fire and teach methods about how to keep warm in the arctic cold.

After getting to know our huskies a little better and maybe taking pictures with them, we hit the trail again and enjoy more dog sledding.

Other Daily Tours

Kiruna Husky - Snowshoe Hike and Icefishing Tour
Kiruna Snowshoe Hike and Icefishing Tour

Try ice fishing and snowshoe hiking with us and enjoy the peaceful and wild landscape along the Kalix River in a slower pace. We brake a trail through the deep snow, find animal trails and try to catch some fish. By a warming fireplace we take a breath and live in the perfect winter dream.

Kiruna Husky Daytour - Be a musher9.00AM - 2.00PM1700 SEK/ person
1550 SEK/ student
850 SEK/ child (0-12 years)
Kiruna Husky Afternoon2.15PM - 6.15 PM1400 SEK/ person
1250 SEK/ student
700 SEK/ child (0-12 years)
Northern Light Husky Ride6.30PM - 10.00PM1400 SEK/ person
1250 SEK/ student
700 SEK/ child (0-12 years)
Kiruna Snowshoe and Icefishing Tour9.00AM - 2.00PM1000 SEK/ person
850 SEK/ student
500 SEK/ child (0-12 years)
Aurora Kiruna Midnight Session with BBQ and snowshoe hike10.15PM - 2.30AM2 people per booking 1600SEK/Person
4 people per booking 1200SEK/Person
6 people per booking 1000SEK/Person

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Husky tours, snowshoe hikes and igloo building in Kiruna