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Aurora Kiruna Midnight Session with BBQ and snowshoe hike

For the highest chances to see the Aurora Borealis in Kiruna we created this Aurora Kiruna Midnight Session as a combination of activities. We will pick you up at your hotel in Kiruna at 22:15 and drive out to our village 15km outside of Kiruna. Here we provide you with winter overalls, winter boots, mittens and winter hats. We put on our snowshoes and have a walk along the frozen Kalix River to spot the Northern Light and take photos. After the snowshoe hike we arrive at our tipi tent and have a BBQ by the campfire. We serve coffee and tea after the dinner. If we are lucky with the Northern Light we will remain in the area after dinner but if the weather is cloudy we will sit in the car and try to drive towards Nikkaluokta or Abisko to see if the night sky clears up when we change the area. At about 02:30 we will be back in Kiruna at your hotel. On this Aurora Kiruna Midnight Session we spend the night away from the city lights to have the best conditions possible for seeing the aurora in Kiruna.


2 people per booking 1600SEK/Person

4 people per booking 1200SEK/Person

6 people per booking 1000SEK/Person

Additional Information

The aurora is also called polar lights, northern lights (aurora borealis) or southern lights (aurora australis), is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic). Auroras are produced when the magnetosphere is sufficiently disturbed by the solar wind that the charged particles in both solar wind and magnetospheric plasma, mainly in the form of electrons and protons, precipitate them into the upper atmosphere due to Earth’s magnetic field, where their energy is lost. The resulting ionization and excitation of atmospheric constituents emits light of varying color and complexity.

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